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We merged #TVWriterchat back into #Scriptchat, dedicating the
first Sunday of every month to "TV Talk."

There are only two rules for the chat: 
     1. Bring your tequila and leave your ego behind.
     2. It's not a competition, it's a community.

  Sundays 5:00PM to 6:00PM PT - chat instructions here.
A full list of our past #scriptchat guests can be found here.

2017 Chat Schedule

January 2017:

1st: NO CHAT - Happy New Year!

8th: NO CHAT - Golden Globes

15th: Vincent Vittorio @2v of Life Is My Movie Entertainment - TOPIC: Documentary films.
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

22nd: Jenna Avery @JennaAvery (screenwriter, writing coach, Called to Write Coaching Circle founder) TOPIC: Designing your writing life & setting goals for the year ahead. 
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

29th:  Anthony Grieco @swimcharlieswim (Writer, story consultant, 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellow. Co-author of The Pocket Screenwriting Guide 120 Tips for Getting to Fade Out)
Zac Sanford @zacsandford moderating.

February 2017:

5th: NO CHAT - Super Bowl

12th: Tim Schildberger @timschildberger of @LiveReadLA - TOPIC: Writing effective scene descriptions and how to handle one-line dialogue for your supporting characters.
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

19th: Lee Jessup @leezjessup (career coach for professional & emerging screenwriters, author of Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide To A Screenwriting Career and coming soon Breaking In: Tales From The Screenwriting Trenches) - TOPIC: Breaking In.
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

26th: NO CHAT - Academy Awards

March 2017:

5th: TOPIC: Finding time to write - moderated by @authorjamie Jamie Livingston-Dierks

12th: TOPIC: How to tell when your script is ready for market? (Or is it ever)
Zac Sanford @zacsanford moderating.

19th: William C. Martell @wcmartell (screenwriter, author of screenwriting Blue Books, ScriptSecrets.Net) - TOPIC: Structuring Your Story.
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

26th: Melissa Hilfers @melissahilfers - Melissa is a pro screenwriter (UNDONE, UNFIT), successfully navigating the industry from NYC, most recently signed on to adapt the popular thriller BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

April 2017:

2nd: Writing Fresh Dialogue - moderated by @authorjamie Jamie Livingston-Dierks

9th: TOPIC: Breaking into TV - Deanna Shumaker @deannashumaster writer on BLINDSPOT

16th: NO CHAT - Easter/Passover

23rd: Nicole Jones-Dion @novaris (writer/director who specializes in genre films, DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE, STASIS, DEBRIS) -- Nicole is currently in pre-production on a YA fantasy and has several projects in development with her mentor, Sean Cunningham (creator of FRIDAY THE 13TH), including horror/thriller THE ELEVATOR GAME. 
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

30th: Adam Levenberg @StarterScript

May 2017:

7th: TOPIC: Short films with guest Shoshana Rosenbaum @ShoshanaRosenba writer/director GOBLIN BABY, HIDE & SEEK

14th: NO CHAT - Mother's Day

21st: TOPIC: Scott Stoops @hellastoopss, manager at Good Fear, talking about screenwriting contest tips! Roadmap Writers @roadmapwriters co-hosting.

28th: NO CHAT - Memorial Day

June 2017:

4th: Open Topic

11th: Bob Schultz @PitchfestBob and Signe Olynyk @Screenwriter12 TOPIC: Pitching
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

18th: NO CHAT - Father's Day

25th: Carole Kirschner @CaroleKirsch Entertainment Career Coach. Director of WGA Showrunner Training Program & CBS Writers Program. Kicked out of Girl Scouts for telling a dirty joke. TOPIC: Strategies that will help you break into the business.
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

July 2017:

2nd: NO CHAT - Independence Day

9th: Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - Steve Kaplan @skcomedy, Dan Calvisi @storymapsdan, Lee Jessup @leezjessup - TOPIC: Breaking in from anywhere!

16th: Elliot Grove @Elliot_Grove of Raindance @Randance and @RaindanceNYC TOPIC: getting films into production, personal branding, genre etc.
Zoey Rose @mszoeyrose moderating.

23rd: Scotty Mullen @scottymullen writer of SHARKNADO 5 - TOPIC: Writing for an existing property/franchise
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

30th: Gary King @grking - TOPIC: Writing Horror Genre
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

August 2017:

6th: Short Films - Writing and Production, guest Kim Bergie @kimbergie and the crew of Our Own (a short film)
Moderated by @authorjamie Jamie Livingston-Dierks

13th: Jennifer Dornbush @JGDornbush - member of Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - TOPIC: Crime Writing
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating.

20th: The Wibberleys @dottiehudson - Writers of National Treasure 1 & 2, Bad Boys 2, The 6th Day and a few other movies. Screenwriting Professors @UCLA_TFT.
Zoey Rose @mszoeyrose moderating

27th: Writing Your First TV Pilot with Nick Watson @_njwatson and Alex Freedman @TVcalling
Moderated by @authorjamie Jamie Livingston-Dierks

September 2017:

3rd: NO CHAT - Labor Day

10th: Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - Jen Grisanti @jengrisanti - TOPIC: How to Write the Arc of the Wound
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

17th: NO CHAT - Emmy Awards


October 2017:

1st: Loglines - Why are the so hard to write?
Zoey Rose @mszoeyrose moderating

8th: Bo Yeon Kim @extspace - TOPIC:  Road to the writers' room
Bo Yeon “Boey” Kim is an international nomad who grew up in five different countries before her desire to write guided her to Los Angeles. After earning an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA's film school, she participated in the prestigious CBS Writers Mentoring Program as well as the CAPE New Writers Fellowship. In 2015, she was named an Honoree of the WGA West Feature Writers Access Project with her sci-fi feature script THE LAST ROCKET HOME. After learning all she can about sexy royal court hijinks on REIGN, she now writes for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY with her writing partner Erika Lippoldt.
Sarah Newman @SarahAlexis4 moderating. 

15th: Happy 8th Anniversary #Scriptchat! TOPIC: Knowing what you know now, if you could turn back time to 2009 (when our chat started), what would you do differently in your writing career?
Moderated by the whole treefort team! Join the party!

22nd: TOPIC: Why let your screenplay rot on your hard drive? Turn your spec script into a novel, using November's #NaNoWriMo challenge as a jumpstart.
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

29th: TBD
Zoey Rose @mszoeyrose moderating.

November 2017:

5th: Screenwriter Bob Saenz @BobSnz TOPIC: TV movies: Writing them & working with networks/execs

12th: Jeff Willis @jwillis81 - TOPIC: Business aspects of exploring writing niches beyond screenwriting. Also, read Jeff's website. It's full of great information!

19th: Morgan Dameron @MorganDameron - TOPIC: Writing for a budget. Containing and getting creative with your big ideas so you can actually make your low budget feature.

26th: NO CHAT - Thanksgiving

December 2017:


10th: Allison Vanore @alliecine, Emmy nominated producer of the digital series VANITY. Feature film credits include DADDY, LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS, OFFICE NINJA, HOPELESSLY IN JUNE. You can learn more about Allison and her projects here. TOPIC: The producer's perspective for writers working on indie films and digital series.

17th: Let's share ideas on how to get words on the page when you're working a day job, or juggling family, or school! How do you keep your writing on track while living a life?
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman @jeannevb moderating.

24th: NO CHAT - Christmas/Chanukah

31st: NO CHAT - Happy New Year!

Upcoming Scriptchat Topics/Guests 2018 

January 2018:

7th: NO CHAT - Golden Globes

14th: Jenny Frankfurt @FinishLineScrip - TOPIC: Tips and Tricks for Rewriting Success

21st: Marc Haimes @Marc_Haimes  (Screenwriter of Kubo And The Two Strings, and upcoming Waco, Nimona, and The Girl Who Drank The Moon.) TOPIC: Writing for Animation


February 2018:

4th: NO CHAT - Super Bowl

11th: Dwain A Worrell @DwainAWorrell - THE WALL @TheWallMovie via Amazon Studios



March 2018:

4th: NO CHAT - Oscars

11th: Chris Sparling @chrissparling Screenwriter (BURIED, ATM, THE SEA OF TREES), Writer/Director (MERCY, THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE)



Wishlist of guests
  • Travis Beacham @travisbeacham (PACIFIC RIM, KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROW)
  • Hayley McKenzie @HayleyMcKenzie1 Script Editor 
  • Kevin Biegel @kbiegel (COUGAR TOWN, ENLISTED, SCRUBS)
  • Michael Green @andmichaelgreen (Orient Express, BR2049, American Gods, Logan)